Acts 16:6-9 is a powerful story because it reminds us that God expects all churches to spread the good news of Jesus and that He has a specific idea about where.  We see in this text that Paul and his team tried to go into several cities and God continued to resist their efforts because He wanted them to focus on a different region.

Just a few weeks ago Pastor Jamie met with me to let me know that he had accepted a position at his brother-in-law’s church in Indiana.  This is his only sister, they all went to Bible College together and have always dreamed of leading a church together.  We trust Pastor Jamie’s ability to hear from God and part of City Life’s culture is to love people deeply and hold onto them loosely.  This is an exciting time for their family and although we are sad to see them go, we celebrate God’s plan for their life and ministry!

So back to Acts 16…although we have worked very hard these past five years in Williamsburg, The Regional Elders and myself agree that God is leading City Life to close the Williamsburg campus.  This has not been an easy decision but it has been a clear decision.  Just as God had a very clear plan for where Paul and his team were supposed to go, we believe God is leading City Life to focus its ministry more in the area of what is known as the Seven Cities or Hampton Roads.

The last service for the Williamsburg Campus was Saturday, June 3rd and Pastor Jamie and his family will be moving to Indiana at the beginning of July so their kids can get acclimated and adjusted for the start of a new school year.

The 2020 Vision is as strong as ever.  We are going to continue to plan for planting campuses throughout this region to spread the good news of Jesus.  Williamsburg closing only serves to focus our vision for the region God has chosen for us!

Here is the video from the announcement at our Newport News and Suffolk Campuses in case you were not able to be at our service that weekend.  We also announced some exciting new hires to our staff team!  Make sure to give those WMB families a warm welcome on June 10th as many of them will be visiting NN and SFK for the first time!