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Why Saturday

During the summer of 2008, I was reading in the gospel of Mark and came upon some striking words, “When evening came, after the sun had set, they began bringing to Him all those who were sick…” (Mark 1:32).  Fear, not faith, was ruling their hearts.  Bound by tradition, they had to wait before encountering Jesus.

Still today, tradition displaces Christ.  People cling to familiar routines instead of our Living God.  I knew then God was asking City Life to make a bold move that would position our worship service on the weekend to reach people who had grown weary of lifeless traditions and be reawakened to a life defined by a passion filled relationship with God!

Certainly we are not saying that all churches that hold to sacred traditions are lifeless.  In fact, traditions are intended to remind us of the life we find in Him!  At City Life, we too are celebrating many wonderful traditions we hope will endure the test of time.  But our commitment is that traditions are only valuable to the degree that they direct us deeper into a life defining, passion filled, moment by moment governing relationship with Him!

The tradition of Sunday from Christian history is still central to us at City Life.  John in Revelation refers to Sunday as “The Lord’s Day” commemorating the resurrection of Jesus.  We want to invite you to celebrate Jesus’ moment of conquering sin and death in a new way…rest, relationships, and reaching.

By having our weekend worship service on Saturday evening, we have created an open day in your schedule every weekend.  Don’t fill this day with the tasks of life.  Be strategic.  Be intentional.  Keep Sunday sacred!  Make it a day of Pathways…especially a day to find a practice of weekly rest, time to enjoy meaningful relationships, and space in your schedule to reach out to neighbors and friends who need a church home.

I want you to imagine a day with no alarm clock, no particular place to be, no to do list demanding attention…sounds like vacation.  Actually, God calls it Sabbath.  City Life is devoted to helping every family in this region find that Sabbath.  This great gift is within your grasp!

Now that you know a little bit of our story, I hope we have the privilege of learning more about you…hope to see you soon, on Saturday at 5pm!

Pastor Fred

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