Every person needs a church family to call home!  And whether you are still planning your first visit or if we have been your home for years, Discover City Life is for you!

Every few months we take two of our Saturday services to host a Welcome Weekend followed by Discover City Life.  These services are still at our normal times.  They are designed to help new people learn more about us and to inspire longstanding members to continue in their journey of discipleship!   For our Welcome Weekend, everyone is in the sanctuary for a message that speaks to the vision of our church.  Then, the following Saturday for Discover City Life, we break out into three different sessions:  Embrace God’s Family, Engage God’s Mission, and Encounter God’s Presence.

The goal is that during your first year here, you will have taken all three sessions.  The final session, Encounter God’s Presence, will be different each time so regardless of how long you have called City Life home, there will be something fresh and new for you!

If you have any questions about our Welcome Weekends or Discover City Life, please let us know through the form below!