Cam & Jennifer Muro

Cameron and Jennifer Muro have been heading up the KidLife Care ministry over the last year. They have a passion for Jesus and sharing that with others is all aspects of ministry. They are firm believers in the power of a Christ-centered marriage and family home. With two young girls of their own, they understand that creating that Christ-centered home starts early.

They came to City Life over four years ago at the invitation of a family member. They quickly decided that City Life was their church home. The close-knit family feel and the open community, combined with a teaching pulpit, was something that they had not experienced in a church before.
They serve alongside a fantastic ministry team that shares the vision of bringing Jesus to the youth. KidLife Care provides a safe and structured environment for the children of City Life to play and learn, while affording the parents the same opportunity.

Cameron and Jennifer reside in Newport News with their daughters, Jeri (3) and Maclin (Newborn). If you have any questions regarding KidLife Care, please feel free to contact them.